Some Tampa Bay Telecom Tidbits

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Some Tampa Bay Telecom Tidbits

Highwire Telecom in Florida had a re-org and a few people were let go. Highwire is a TEM and auditing firm here in Tampa, Florida.

Bright House is chasing Enterprise with its fiber and Hosted PBX service (powered by their Telovations acquisition). BHN is also involved in the local start-up scene in Tampa Bay.

XO along with Cbeyond and Telovations signed up to distribute telecom and network services through Tech Data, a global value added distributor of hardware and software in 2007. Cbeyond (now Birch telecom) and Telovations gave up early. XO tried really hard to get traction with Tech Data VARs. Since then, TD has launched TDMobility which is a cellular/mobility master agency. TD also signed up with Microcorp to be its Master Agency for telecom and network services. (This is much like CDW using master agencies instead of signing directly with carriers.) Tech Data has also launched a cloud services brokerage called TDcloud (yeah, really original). Last week, the XO deal unraveled. I'm curious how the Microcorp deal is doing.

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