The Expo News Update

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The Expo News Update

Datapipe, a global managed IT provider, acquired Layered Tech to add to its US federal government business. Layered Tech adds security and compliance to Datapipe's managed cloud service. It is not unusual to pick off a specialty shop since developing the service and hiring the talent is an uphill battle today.

tw telecom says that the new CIO of the combined Level3/twt will be twt's own Harold Teets. He will be tasked with delivering one platform for network management, ordering and even customer portal.

Other personnel news: Integra replaced the former L3 exec, Kevin O'Hara, as President & CEO with board member Robert Guth effective immediately. No idea what happened there but it sounds like an interesting story.

MetTel Acquires Thrive Networks from Staples. So MetTel takes one more step away from its roots as a TDM reseller. First it was MDM (mobile device management); now it is managed IT services. Apparently, every CLEC needs a managed IT division. Well, actually, they do if they want to successfully deliver Cloud Communications to their customers.

Global Capacity announced that it will buy Megapath's wholesale business. It is being touted as a win for both companies as "MegaPath gains cash to invest in the cloud and managed services business that will now be the company's sole focus." And Global Capacity gets access to Megapath's nationwide network footprint for DSL and EoC.

ANPI announced it signed on 2 more master agencies to sell its retail version of Hosted PBX. More importantly, ANPI announced a quote to billing platform named Atlas that agents can use for customer life management. More details to come.

Microcorp with its new President held a party at CP Expo last night to unveil its new logo and branding.


And M&A keeps coming. Cell Tower company, Crown Castle, made a move into the fiber realm with the acquisition of 24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network. Maybe Verizon Worless is a really big customer for Crown Castle.

Cologix buys Colo5, a Florida data center company. Colo5 has data centers in Jacksonville and Lakeland (a city halfway between Tampa and Orlando on I-4). At a colo party last night, it is a buyer's market in colo! At that party, Colt from Europe had a presence as they acquired SmartGrid a couple of year's ago for a cloud services business which they are now ready to market in the US while pushing Iceland and Europe data center space. Happy 15th Birthday to COLOTRAQ, a data center master agency!

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