The News Just Isn't the News Anymore

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The News Just Isn't the News Anymore

Magazines and newspapers are looking for clicks and content (that gets clicks) and ways to get people to stay on the site longer. Yadda yadda. In that haste, the content that it contains has become blurred between what is marketing (advertorial) and what is news (or even better actual journalism).

I read an article that I saw in my Google Alert this morning. The article (which I will NOT link to) was written by an MSP owner. It's title about Healthcare Unified Communications was intriguing. Unfortunately, the rest of the article was a pitch for Hosted PBX service that the MSP sells. It was not a good article and it did not touch on any issues that are faced by healthcare UC (like HIPAA/HITECH compliance). This is the problem today - more or more gator bait for Google which I thought the Panda and subsequent algorithm changes would have stopped. (The listing sites that are nothing more than affiliate marketing for VoIP providers sit at the top of the alerts.)

I feel bad for decision makers, because instead of getting real advice from news and mags, they get fluff tripe from hacks writing sales pieces aimed at hawking their stuff. No real guidance or information that a decision maker needs. How can you write an article about healthcare tech without mentioning HIPAA?

That is why it is so important to educate your customers about the cloud services, the deployment and even the on-boarding of your services. This will be the distinguishing factor for many buyers.

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