The M&A Picks Up Steam

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The M&A Picks Up Steam

Well, that Hosted VoIP consolidation is slowly happening. Reinvigorated VoIP blogger, Garrett Smith, hints that Jive bought other HPBX companies (unnamed) besides "COMVOICE, based in Phoenix, AZ, and Vocalnet, based in San Francisco, CA." The the press release says "Financials were not disclosed."

Another smaller acquisition was snomOne, which became Vodia, got grabbed by a company (which I cannot name here now).


Zayo made another grab to beef up their zColo division by buying Latisys for $657 million. "The acquisition will expand Zayo's datacenter portfolio to 45 facilities within the US, France and the United Kingdom," according to the pr. Last year, Zayo bought Atlanta NAP and CoreXchange in the US; and Neo Telecoms which operates 9 colocation centers across France.

According to Ramblings, Latisys had "about 1,110 medium and large enterprises, and their main products include IaaS-powered managed hosting, storage and raw computing capacity." This will be a different addition to the zColo catalog.

In other news, Verizon mentioned at a Citi investment conference that it would like to sell off more wireline assets as it concentrates its focus on the 3 primary sources of revenue: FiOS, cellular and Enterprise.

TDS sold off about 3000 access lines in NC to Wilkes. It seems to be a trend - sell copper to get rid of union entanglements and maintenance of a rotting plant in favor of Wall Street friendly services like fiber and cloud.

In wild west numbers, a Wyoming-based cooperative, Tri-County Telephone Association, was bought by BHT Holdings for $25K per member of the coop!!!! I guess they missed the new about USF Reform.

The ILECs might as well sell the copper plant because AT&T is in the news again for not maintaining its copper. The FCC -- or the Congressional Telecom ACt re-write - will need to address copper plant -- not just fiber and broadband.

While Obama pushes for Muni networks, he is really calling for any competition in the broadband business. Google fiber did a good job with marketing to scare the Duopoly to pump it up and roll out a few Gigabit networks, but nowhere near enough. There aren't enough companies out there plowing FTTH and FTTB. I have quite a few clients doing it - Hunt Telecom, Socket, Sonic, SEIMITSU, Shelby - but there isn't enough - or there isn't enough noise about it. Tucows is certainly trying to make noise about its FTTx plans in WV and now running the muni network in Westiminster, MD.

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