Opinions on the FCC Net Neutrality Ruling

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Opinions on the FCC Net Neutrality Ruling

Lots of opinions out there on the FCC Net Neutrality ruling, including this collection from Channel Vision.

Backing up, the FCC wrote a blog explaining their process from comments to rule-making. You can read it here. they had 4 million comments (largely due to John Oliver)

I agree with this article from Yahoo - How Comcast, Verizon, and the Rest of Big Telecom Blew the Net-Neutrality Battle - the Duopoly said a lot of things that were anti-open Internet and then the Netflix mess occurred. Mind you, that is the only one we know about due to what Level3, Cogent and Netflix have publicized. There could be a number of other sites who had to pay to play but were quiet about it.

The New Yorker points out that once again DC insiders are bad predictors of policy. I remember the Brand-X case

Peter Bernstein was shocked that the sky didn't fall with the ruling.

Some folks see this as the Obama take over of the Internet (ObamaNet). I don't see how that is, since we have had Title II regulation in place since the 1930s. Verizon said we might as well go back to Morse Code - a creative reply to the order.

Former Commissioner Copps "objected strongly a dozen years ago when then-Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell took what he considered a big wrong turn: classifying cable companies' broadband Internet business as a lightly regulated "information service."" [source]. That turn was corrected with the 2015 Open Internet order.

Sonic CEO says: "I Welcome Being Regulated As A Common Carrier!"

Tim Wu was happy. So was Tim Berners-Lee, Public Knowledge, The Greenlining Institute, Etsy, Netflix and many others who support this order. (I wonder how many have actually read the 300 page order yet - it has not been published yet.)

I would have been happier if the decision wasn't split along party lines, but I can't remember a vote that wasn't - all the way back to when Powell was Chair (and got all this started). DC is nothing but partisan hackery anyway (followed by the Spin Machine). It did seem like the Commissioners - especially Ajit Pai - was spending a lot of time lobbying for his next gig.

No idea why the GOP doesn't like it; they have been saying all week that they don't even use email!! (And they represent the people??? Of where? Amish?)

It likely means more taxes though to pay for the USF programs.

It also will likely be decided by the court system, not the regulatory body.

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