Trends in America

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Trends in America

There is a rising trend in America toward the non-worker. The former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, has been talking about it a lot lately. Salon magazine reprinted Reich's blog about the rise of the independent contractor model in the US.


There has been a backlash on workers and unions in America over the last 7-10 years. People don't realize that the unions helped create the middle class as well as passed quite a few strong labor laws that were pro-employee.

We see it with the indirect channel. More and more companies want a sales force that they only have to pay for performance -- and even then not pay as promised all the time.

We are slowly moving to a society of self-employed freelancers, many of whom are ill equipped to run that business or to make a living wage.

The decline of the middle class, stagnate wages, declining buying power -- these factors will directly affect the Fortune 5000. Why do you think every company is looking abroad or at M&A? There isn't much organic growth left. The pie isn't getting bigger; it is flat or shrinking. And we live in a consumption-service economy. Take a look at any major street in any city in America: it is all service businesses: dry cleaners, take-out food, Dollar stores, groceries, pizza.

The income inequality is at its worst. Congress is passing a tax break for the top 0.2%! Who will pay the taxes as wages decline?

There is constant grumbling about hand-outs and entitlements. Social Security, pensions, and unemployment are not handouts. Workers paid for those benefits. Want to talk about hand-outs how about the benefits that Congressmen receive including federal healthcare and retirement. Or how about all the industries subsidized by the federal government like Big Pharma, Big Agra, telecom, defense, airlines, finance, manufacturing -- I am having a problem thinking of a business sector that has not received a bailout, tariff protections, federal monies, or, in the case of defense, federal salesmen selling their product and paying for it with tax dollars. So who gets the handouts and entitlements?

And our biggest corporations - VZ, BoA, GE - don't pay taxes. The media has done a fine job of bamboozling Americans. The propaganda has turned American against American, when we should be united against the inequalities we face.

Want to see some crazy stats about Baltimore? Go to the Wash Post's Christopher Ingraham twitter account. Or just this one tweet for a chart.

Meanwhile, we spend an inordinate amount of time on Ebola outbreaks, gay marriage and other nonsense that just spins us up and keeps us from focusing on real problems in America. (Even science is under attack.)

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