Getting Perspective

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Getting Perspective

I am heading to the Genband Perspectives15 show next week in Orlando. Going to see about Kandy and Nuvia plus some details on the fring idea. (Not to poke BSFT, but at least this show has some cool stuff to take a look at.)

While all that tech is cool, with 2000+ providers offering VoIP in the US, Marketing should be paramount. Unless you have some technical secret sauce (and really I haven't seen any) to go-to-market with, you should be worried about your story.

Today, would-be customers recognize the Duopoly, 8x8, RingCentral and Vonage. A few OTT VoIP players do a fairly decent job of PPC-PPM campaigns, so they pop up during web searches. Then there is the rest.

The would-be customers have 2 problems: too much choice and not enough reason to change.

In CHOICE: Do they go Microsoft, Cisco, premise PBX (like they always have before) or some version of Broadsoft (if they even ever heard that name) or one of the other 2000 Hosted VoIP solutions?

You have to have an answer: Why You instead of MS, Cisco, PBX, the other guys.

For cloud communications to really change the company, the business processes at the company will have to change. No one likes change. No one wants to champion change internally. Who is going to tell Mary that the phone she has used for 15 years is going to work different? Or she won't have a phone at all?

You have 2 problems: the buyers don't know who you are! and you suck at selling. So Sales and Marketing. Yet you spend all your time under the hood of the tech (because you are comfortable there). You think marketing is overrated and think salespeople get paid too much to produce too little. Oh and your website is from 2005.

Come to Genband, make an appointment with me, and let's see if we can't point you to the pathway to success.

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