Why Broadband May Not Be The Answer

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Why Broadband May Not Be The Answer

This is a look at a typical Internet Minute:


And that is the consumer stuff filled with social and real time communications. What about the business customers Internet Traffic? What does it consist of? How much of it is real-time comms (voice, video, conferencing)?

Have they added UC&C? Are they collaborating with others in real-time via voice, web, video, screen sharing? Broadband may not be the answer to that kind of Internet activity.

Productivity gains are not about hours or minutes. Workers gain productivity in seconds, accumulated through out the day. Every screen refresh delay not only delays work, tying up the people on the call, but causes frustration that does not lend itself to productivity.

Just as your website has to load in less than 8 seconds, your business customers' LAN and Internet pipe have to be optimized for the work they are doing to see productivity gains.

Ask yourself: Why is Managed WLAN (or Wi-fi) gaining so much ground now? Because the speed, health and flexibility of the LAN has a direct impact on worker productivity.

Now shouldn't that conversation about cable versus DIA be easier?

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