My SIP Product Wish List

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My SIP Product Wish List

Star2Star announced StarSIP which is a SIP trunking service with some enhanced features. It made me start to think about what I would like to see in a SIP Trunk product.

It is all me-too service today: some form of dial-tone either OTT (over the top riding on the existing Internet bandwidth) or on a dedicated circuit. Small business like the straight up POTS replacement, right? So do salespeople. It's easy. Save money with VoIP replacement service. Sign here.

But there are issues, especially with faxing. So why aren't their options for faxing? Plenty of ways to tackle that beast from efax to inter-operability with either a fax machine or an ATA. I realize T.38 end to end is a dream. And as long as we are on this, how about HD Voice off net? There are plenty of VoIP peering points to keep this traffic from doing the digital-to-analog conversion.

How about SMS enabled? Seriously! So many people just want to text, this would be a easy option for small business with a limited number of lines.

Find me follow me is a feature on Hosted PBX but it could be an option for a SIP trunk too. Alas, POTS lines have *72 for call forward, so why not FM/FM or simul ring? Grasshopper (now owned by Citrix) and other auto attendant in the sky services offered something like it.

Especially for small business, how about the option for a 4G failover router since most likely they will be on broadband. There are a number of routers that offer 3G/4G/LTE failover including ones from Netgear and Cradlepoint. CDW mentions how critical it is for retail locations since credit card processing is vital. by Craig Walker, of Grand Central/Google Voice fame, is offering a Hosted UC service for Google for Work users that Sprint is now reselling! In the Microsoft ecosystem, the Lync/Skype for Business service powers Office365 voice options.

If you don't get creative with your bundles, you are going to get your ass kicked. Or you are going to have to sell voice as cheap as you can at razor margins. And most of you can't get as low as cable voice.

I see companies fighting over quotes for virtual phone numbers at $1.50 to $5 each. Why?

Even an audio conferencing option isn't offered that I have seen. And let's not even consider Unifying these services into one bundle -

I see dial-tone going for free - or replaced entirely by cellular. Stave that off with a better bundled SIP Trunk.

I realized that some of this is being incorporated into So cheers to that.

And one other feature is a better Caller Id system. I think caller ID should be hooked up to Google search so all those annoying robocalls and telemarketers would be identified. It would be great if there was a button to push to notify the carrier of a spoofed ID. The sooner we get big data and analytics working on caller ID, the sooner robocalls (and the telecom providers who power them) will die.

How about a caller ID that pops up and says not in your contact database, ignore?

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