The Tech is Everywhere

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The Tech is Everywhere

Watching the US Open quarterfinal match between Azarenko and Halep today, I got a view of how much technology is used for a tennis event. The cameras are everywhere, including the cameras used for the Chase Review. There was a challenge by Halep in game 3, when it took a very long time for the review to start. The umpire eventually said move on without the review. The technology was very noticeable. It isn't supposed to be.

They watch the weather radar for what to do during a rain delay. They use weather stats to determine if the heat rule will be in effect during the match.

Hundreds of credit card machines are processing millions of transaction for Heinekens, Grey Goose cocktails, souvenirs, tickets and clothing.

The facility has open wi-fi. The technology is everywhere.

The technology is pervasive to the point of intrusive in our daily life.

We probably don't notice it as much as we should. On a sales call, ask the prospect about how much tech is in her business. It is a good discussion point

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