The Channel Nepotism

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The Channel Nepotism

At NextGen Cloud Expo (what is the nextgen cloud?), we were talking about all of the musical chairs in the channel programs in 2015. So many. Maybe you noticed the changes, but more likely you probably noticed the pattern.

The pattern is that a channel executive moves to a new company and he takes his cronies with him. Some look at it as surrounding yourself with people you can trust. I look at it as you surround yourself with Yes Men and insulate yourself from others.

This is like the Yankees hiring a player and he brings a quarter of his old ball club with him, When has that ever happened in sports? It happens occasionally with coaches.

Most of us in the channel wouldn't mind so much except that by keeping the band together - the nepotism I used in the title - you don't improve. This band of merry channel men go from company to company -- and hardly ever hit a home run.

If the exec does this for comfort, he is doing it wrong! Being comfortable is not how you bring about change -- or make a dent in the universe.

Being insulated or surrounded by people beholden to you isn't how you can listen and get feedback.

It happens again and again. It has happened often this year. I wish it would be different because we could use an A Team of two running some programs in this tumultuous time in telecom.

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