A Shift from CLEC

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A Shift from CLEC

The CLECs have always been channel friendly. It was a mutual love fest because they both needed each other and were being pushed around by the ILECs. Today, the CLECs look ill. All of them are a rag tag collection of acquisitions and mangled integrations.

Sprint wireline business annual "Revenues were $581M, dropping another $18M sequentially" over the total annual revenue of $8.1 Billion. VZW makes $495M on IOT. Comcast created an Enterprise division with $500M just to put the numbers in perspective.

When I look at the line-up for master agent shows, it is more non-CLECs than CLECs. The shift is happened. At ITEXPO, the number of CLECs with a booth could be counted on one hand. Most exhibitors were AASes - something-as-a-service companies or VoIP providers (mainly OTT).

Not sure what that means long term for the CLEC. Their portfolios have grown - ballooned up - but their ability to deliver these services with customer satisfaction is declining. Given a choice between a CLEC for a cloud service and a pure play, who would you choose? And why?

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