Telecom Tidbits (Part 2431)

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Telecom Tidbits (Part 2431)

On Friday (April 1), Frontier takes over Verizon's territory in Florida, Cali and Texas. "The $10.5 billion acquisition is a big move for Frontier.... The company's current workforce of 19,200 will increase to about 29,200 and its customer base will jump from 3.4 million people to 7.1 million. The move will also boost Frontier's annual revenue from $5.6 billion to $11.4 billion." [source]

Why did Frontier roll out a new brand, Frontier Vantage, for video, broadband, and voice products when it is acquiring more FiOS assets? So now it has to launch a new brand AND re-brand Verizon and FiOS assets. Fun.

Looks like Charter will be approved to buy both TWC and Bright House Networks.

FirstLight Fiber will be acquired by Oak Hill Capital Partners from its current private equity owner, Riverside Partners.

Verizon Enterprise experiences a huge data breach that exposed 1.5 Million Customers' Information.

HyperOffice is partnering with Verizon to distribute its communications suite from Verizon Cloud infrastructure.

Communications Sales & Leasing, Inc. entered into an agreement with Windstream Holdings, Inc. to acquire 32 wireless towers owned by Windstream.

According to an Accenture study, US companies are losing Customers as consumers demand more Human Interaction. "Too much reliance on digital technologies has given rise to 'human-less' customer services" that are estimated to cost business $1.6 Trillion in switching costs.

Cisco is buying CliQr for $260M to expand its hybrid cloud management solutions.

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