Frontier Takes Over in Tampa (Cluster)

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Frontier Takes Over in Tampa (Cluster)

So folks in Tampa Bay woke up to no bars on AT&T cellular service. Hmmm... is it because AT&T back-hauled some towers or small cell sites with Verizon FiOS perhaps?

Verizon FiOS business customers scattered throughout the Tampa Bay area this morning are without service as the IP Address re-numbering begins. According to this Frontier website, it will take 2 years!

According to my source, it looks like VZ turned off IP address blocks that they were still using in VZB or VZE (old MCI address pools). This caused outages on FiOS and then rolled over to cell towers that use those FiOS links. It is NOT everyone. It is just those with these IP address blocks.

Also, the static IP customers are experiencing problems on VZ FiOS because again those IP addresses belong to (and are staying with) Verizon.

An internal memo at Frontier says that it will take UP TO 2 WEEKS to fix!

I guess Frontier learned nothing from the last VZ take-over or its latest debacle in CT when it took over SNET CT from AT&T. In Connecticut, it lost significant market share due to this mess. Poor communication, poor engineering, poor management and honestly just irresponsible.

The funny thing is --- no, not that today is April Fool's Day -- but that Frontier already issued rate increase orders (see HERE). So plenty of time to let the states know that rates would increase 17 days after they took over, 17 days after the mess they created.

Residential POTS is going up $1 per line and Biz POTS is going up $0.34 to $2 per line. Have to pay back that $10 Billion somehow! And they knew that they would be pissing off customers almost immediately, so loss of revenue and customers from Day 1 (today).

The only thing that will save them in Tampa Bay is that Charter is taking over Bright House later this year.

No idea how an ILEC can screw up over and over again AND not get sued, fined or beaten in the marketplace!

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