Tidbits # 2436

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Tidbits # 2436

I know I just did a tidbits but there is a lot going on. Here is some of it in small bites, like tapas or potato chips.

UC&C transitions closer to Workflow platform as task management is added to the UC&C system from Cisco:

Channel Vision magazine reports, "Redbooth has announced an integration with Cisco Spark to unite task-centric Redbooth workspaces and communications-centric Cisco Spark rooms. Through this integration, users can now work simultaneously in both Redbooth and Cisco Spark to seamlessly communicate and collaborate."

The premise of Spark is that it will be so integrated with the software that an enterprise uses that a user will only have to work in the Spark window all day instead of bouncing between browser tabs or application windows.

Velocloud is now powering Mettel's SD-WAN solution. It is going to be huge for CLECs and channel partners. Not just powering MPLS, but offering a layer of network management, security and continuity to the new network environment that is a mixed bag of DIA, MPLS, and broadband trying to connect to SaaS, AWS, data centers and offices. It deployed correctly, SD-WAN could be the competitive edge that CLECs and OTT cloud service providers need.

In the network space, NITEL has a database to view "Over 500,000 fiber-lit, CLEC buildings" due to its "Partnerships with over 130 providers to provide network agnostic last-mile access". Having a fiber lit building list is good IF it was used for prospecting but it isn't. It is mainly used to determine install times or what carrier to quote. CLECs are starting to publish their LIT building lists. TWC, too. You would think they would want that data available in as many places as possible to sell deeper into LIT premises. Not hidden behind a subscription service like NEF or Geo-Tel. Veterans in telecom would rather have a LIT building than manage a fiber construction project that can take 6 months or more.

NITEL hired a new channel chief too. Congrats Michael Masini.

Charter is retiring the Time Warner Cable Brand. It confused people - TWC, twtc, Time-Warner. Now it will all be New Charter. "Charter will continue to be led by Tom Rutledge, serving as chairman, president and CEO. Charter's board will have 13 directors, including seven independent directors, two designated by Bright House's owner Advance/Newhouse, and three designated by Liberty Broadband (including John Malone and Greg Maffei)."

Congressional IT desk warns representatives of ransomware threats - and bans Yahoo Mail from Congress. How will these Congress Critters get mail now? Oh, right - AOL.

The LinkedIn password breach was 117 million records, according to ARS. Have you changed your password recently?

Fitbit acquires "wearable payment assets" from startup Coin, from ARS.

TelePacific Communcations receives the Women in the Channel's first ever Platinum Sponsorship Award 2016. TelePacific is a sponsor of TCA since its founding as well as a sponsor of WIC since its inception too. (Thanks, TPAC!)

Congrats to CRN Women of the Channel friends of mine: Karin Fields and Trish Kapos of master agency Microcorp; Hilary Gadda of TelePacific; Caitlin Clark-Zigmond at CoreDial; Brittani Von Roden of VAR Dynamics/CloudPlus; and to the rest of the winners as well!

In broadband, the cable modem is beating anything telco. Cable is winning 1M to 11k net new adds in 1Q16.

AT&T will be laying off between 50K and 80K workers in the next 5 years. It is trying to retrain some. AT&T will follow VZ into the OTT video arena. AT&T purchased Quickplay before launching its DIRECTV streaming service, according to Telecompetitor.

That's a wrap.

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