Talking API and UC with Zilkr

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Talking API and UC with Zilkr


In this podcast, I sit down with Omar Paul, co-founder of Zilkr, a platform for communications APIs and SDK. In the Age of Integration, the Age of the API, UCaaS providers have to start building an ecosystem. When apps like Slack and WhatsApp are enabled for voice and video calls, UCaaS providers have to offer value and integration or be marginalized to sometimes used dial-tone.

CPaaS is hot. Twilio just IPO'ed. Nexmo was just acquired by Vonage. Apps like Uber, Slack and so many more are adding comms. But not from the VoIP provider, from the CPaaS platform provider.

If you can't see the podcast player above, you can download the mp3 or listen over at Soundcloud.

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