Why You?

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Why You?

This was another Me-too week in press releases. It was ILEC SD-WAN week with announcements from AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon. It was another handful of VoIP product launches. It was a handful of notifications that various master agencies inked agreements with UCaaS and other vendors. Oh, and another UCaaS player or two signed up with a VAD*, All business as usual. All noise. Serious noise.

Throughout all of this I have to WHY?

Why is it so me-too?

On a webinar, the slide showed 13 vendors for Office365. How do you decide who to go with?

There are so many VoIP Providers that I have never heard of half of them (and the websites are lacking). This is a small fraction of the VoIP Providers available to the average partner.


There are two channel shows in the next three weeks. To anyone manning a booth at these shows, be prepared to answer: Why You?

If you can't answer that, you better have a coupon for 6x SPIFF to handout.

In case you were wondering, a VAD is a value added distributor like SYNNEX, Ingram, Tech Data, Jenne.

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