Blabbing About SD-WAN

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Blabbing About SD-WAN

There is a platform for public video conferencing called Up to four speakers can join a Blab on video (or just audio) to discuss a topic. Today was the second Blab that I have organized around SD-WAN. You can listen to the replay (about 44 minutes).

I want to thank Velocloud, Edgewater Networks and Ecessa for joining the Blab to discuss SD-WAN and the channel.

One question I asked was how would a channel partner get his/her feet wet in SD-WAN.

SD-WAN consists a number of features, such as packet-shaping, QoS, load balancing, WAN optimization, WAN bonding, application acceleration, monitoring, analytics, IP-VPN and more. Not every vendors offers ever feature (a la UCaaS); and not every customer will need or want all features. These features do identify a pain point that SD-WAN can solve.

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