Tidbits #2440

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Tidbits #2440

Consolidation continues in the VoIP space.

Velis4 has been acquired by a company called Globalgig. Ernest Cunningham will be the CEO of the combined company, while Anthony Jett, Velis4's current CEO, becomes the COO. Globalgig brings a global vision to Velis4, who will be expanding into Europe and Australia soon.

"The one global product of interest to Globalgig is the multi-IMSI SIM, a revolutionary technology enabling Globalgig subscribers to use their own local SIM card anywhere for low rates. Traveling employees just need to turn their device on and the Globalgig system will automatically select the available IMSI having the most optimal rate and service. Customers enjoy seamless worldwide coverage."

Speaking of mergers, CB Insights has the list of the 27 worst mergers (or failed M&A).

Andy Abramson hints that Vonage is selling off its consumer business.

T-Mobile has an MVNO named Walmart Family Mobile that it sold to TracFone.

Reports say that Verizon is close to selling off its data centers for $3.5B, which is a good return on the Terremark acquisition in 2011 for $1.4B. There are 18 facilities and it looks like Equinix is the likely buyer.

Rumors at Dreamforce are swirling about Salesforce buying twitter -- for its customer service functionality.

The big news this week is Yahoo! Verizon is buying them for $4B but they just let folks know that 500M accounts were hacked 2 years ago!!! - and now it seems that they were scanning emails for the feds (3 letter agencies). Rich Tehrani does make a good point that in an Age of Cloud, US providers are now at a disadvantage globally because the feds are so ingrained in cloud providers.

A little something from Salesforce: a customer service survey infographic.

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