The InterWebs are Down!

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The InterWebs are Down!

The last couple of weeks have been very trying. Level3 had a VoIP network outage. The last two days have been DDOS attacks against DYN and others has left many sites unreachable (like Twitter, Reddit and others).

Krebs experienced an IOT botnet attack earlier this month. An ISP client was under two DDoS attacks in August.

These attacks are increasing in frequency -- and are not going away. This will be normal business soon.

Email and iPhone hacks are in the news.

What are you doing to protect your clients?

Quite a few data centers offer a DDoS Mitigation service. (So does Level3).

There are a number of managed security service offerings - from firewall to IDS to UTM* - available from a number of providers.

In a time when bandwidth pricing is decreasing -- and customers want to spend less -- someone needs to bring up the topic of security and redundancy. Why not you?

*Intrusion Detection Service and Unified Threat Management

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