Advice for Partners for 2017 [podcast]

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Advice for Partners for 2017 [podcast]


Jeff Ponts of Datatel; Emmett Tydings of AB&T Telecom; and Chris Palermo of GCN joined the podcast this week to talk about the M&A in the industry and what partners can do to mitigate risk in 2017.

It has been a turbulent year with a lot of mergers and acquisitions. It makes people anxious.

Jon Arnold is a fellow blogger who recently saw Guy Kawasaki keynote Nextiva's event. The one thing lacking in telecom is Innovation. As partners, WE need to innovate to the tune of adding new skills, being creative, thinking through problems and cross-vendor solutions.

Give this podcast a listen - and leave your comments.

If you can't see the flash mp3 player, you can listen on SoundCloud HERE. Or you can download the mp3 HERE.

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