Telecom is a Good Industry For Women

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Telecom is a Good Industry For Women


On Wed., 2/8th at ITEXPO, there will be a panel discussion titled Women in Tech. One of the panelists is Karin Fields, CEO & COO of master agency, Microcorp. Here is a brief interview we did together.

ME: What is the significance of this panel for you?

KF: Being a woman in technology has afforded me the life I wanted. I have been able to have a great career but more importantly be the mom I wanted to be. It's important for me to evangelize that this can be a good career for woman and to help encourage more woman to get into our industry.

ME: What one takeaway do you hope the audience will get?

KF: Diversity is essential for sustainable growth. For the men in the audience, it's important they step up to ensure women get the support they need to grow within our industry. For the woman in the audience, this is a good industry to be in and have they life they want.

ME: Why is it important to have more women in STEM and/or Tech?

KF: Women bring a different perspective to the table. We often look more at the human element not just the facts. Woman tend to be better listeners and hear what is being said and what is not being said. All diversity is important especially in a global economy.

To her point, Harvard Business Review wrote about a study that has shown Firms with More Women in the C-Suite Are More Profitable. "When we examined the profitable firms in our sample (average net margin of 6.4%), we found that going from having no women in corporate leadership (the CEO, the board, and other C-suite positions) to a 30% female share is associated with a one-percentage-point increase in net margin -- which translates to a 15% increase in profitability for a typical firm."

Join us for the session.

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