3 Ways Cisco's Channel is Better than Yours

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3 Ways Cisco's Channel is Better than Yours

I often hear how channel heads want to model their channel after Cisco or Microsoft. Well, you forget 3 large factors that are missing from telecom.

The certifications not only created a lucrative industry but launched Brand Ambassadors into every business around the globe. Those Brand Ambassadors with their certifications were going to be buying Cisco or Microsoft.

An additional point about the certification, it was a buy-in from the partner. No fogging a mirror to be a partner, you had to take a test. You had to have skin in the game. I'm certain that won't be a telecom channel component any time soon, even though we are at a time when well trained and knowledgeable partners are desperately needed.

Finally, these companies build demand. They market to the channel, but they also market to the buyers, prospects and customers. Demand is a big piece of the puzzle.

One final factor was grass roots building with user groups. Microsoft did this better than Cisco. These user groups provided training, access, networking and more. VMWare has a large user group in Greater Tampa Bay. This helps the certified techie as well as the company. (You want well trained and engaged Brand Ambassadors.)

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