Are They Moving to Cloud?

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Are They Moving to Cloud?

From RC's Channel head, Zane Long, "As organizations continue to migrate their IT infrastructures and applications to the cloud, I've noticed something interesting happening. Initially, the migration was driven by sales and marketing. Yes, some insightful IT and business managers saw the value proposition of the cloud early on--lower costs, the off-loading of hardware ownership and maintenance of equipment, automated software upgrades, responsibility for security, business continuity and more. Until recently, though, education and persuasion were required to give other organizations the confidence to take the leap."

This year's Data Center Industry Survey from Uptime Institute seems to indicate that "It is moving slower than I'd have thought." That persuasion isn't enough to make the transition happen faster.

The legacy premise PBX sales have slowed down but have not been surpassed by cloud PBX yet [source and HERE].

No one is crushing it despite more vendors entering the cloud space every day. Well, actually, Amazon is crushing it with S3 and AWS.

"Many people don't seem to be willing to throw out their legacy systems but are still investing in diesel generators and backup power," says Matt Stansberry, Uptime Institute's Senior Director. Or they just can't. I have seen way too many businesses - especially telcos and cablecos - relying on spreadsheets and faxes!!!

"One statistic thrown up by the 2017 survey has changed very little over the last four years:

  • 65% of organizations deploy their IT assets in an enterprise-owned data center.
  • 22% use a colocation or multi-tenant data center provider
  • only 13 percent have moved their assets to the cloud.

"It is probably because it's not easy to re-architect their legacy applications for a cloud environment." That is true. And not all software can port off AS400s and other legacy server boxes. In fact, COBOL Programmers are STILL in demand!

The providers only hear about clients that want to migrate or are thinking about cloud. Partners see businesses every day that will not be changing anything.

It appears we will be dragging businesses to the cloud kicking and screaming, but slowly.

Heck look how many businesses are still on TDM (POTS) and use faxes.

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