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A Frank Look at the iPhone

From the NYTimes, "Randall Stephenson, AT&T's chief executive, shared some surprisingly frank comments about the iPhone." Stephenson regrets unlimited data pricing. Since moving to tiered data prices, the company has made more money. DUH!! He cries about "'s a variable...

Wi-Fi Only Phone Service?

Would that work? Wi-Fi only phone service? has launched Republic Wireless (about 19 months ago I guess). It is an MVNO of Sprint but the cell network is the back-up service. Primarily, the VoIP runs over any available Wi-Fi...

4G, 3G: Who knows?

This morning Broadcom announced 5G: "´╗┐Broadcom Extends 5G WiFi Leadership with New 802.11ac Chips." This is kind of funny because most folks are confused by 3G versus 4G. Many think that iPhones run on 4G, but actually they all run...

3 Things Agents Need to Look at in 2012

It will be a busy year in 2012 as all the carriers try to synergize their mega-mergers and get their back-office in order so that we can actually place orders. Besides selling the traditional circuits - POTS, T1, SIP, PRI...

NetWolves and AboveNet Combine with Agent

From the Netwolves newsletter comes a story about 2 carriers teaming up and helping an Agent make a big sale.Customer has multiple locations and wants Ethernet Service in all of their sites. They want the carrier to provide fully managed...
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