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Tidbits and Interesting Things Part 140

Some interesting services around the sector. ADTRAN has field services that ITSP's can hire to perform site surveys and install Hosted VoIP deployments. (No idea about cabling, but that seems to be an issue for national providers. Local or...

What Did I Miss Part 34

Merger Details Emerge In the mix of the Comcast-TWC merger will emerge a new MSO created by divestitures and swaps called GreatLand Connections, previously called SpinCo. Charter will own one-third and operate it, says Telecompetitor. The FCC has received...

LightSquare, GPS, ADTRAN and West

ADTRAN "announced today that it plans to acquire, through an asset sale and purchase agreement, the Nokia Siemens Networks fixed line Broadband Access business (BBA), and associated professional services and network management solutions. The planned acquisition would include the Broadband...


Since some folks think I don’t post any positive stuff, today’s post is filled with accolades. Here are some companies that deserve a gold star.For the sixth consecutive year VoIP Supply has been named one of the Top 100 Private...

ADTRAN Teams with TBI

ADTRAN announced that it has teamed with telecom master agent, Telecom Brokerage, Inc. (TBI), to help channel partners drive revenue growth and become more competitive in the Small and Medium Enterprise market. (If you aren't a Cisco VAR, you need...
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