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Zayo Buys AboveNet

It was a big surprise this morning to hear that Zayo bought AboveNet for $2.2B. My first thought was "Where did Zayo get the money?" I mean, the Dealbook writes, "As of Dec. 31, Zayo had about $25.9 million in...

Jobs Jobs Jobs

There are quite a few positions available.Tele-Pacific is looking for Senior Network Security Engineer. The candidate will be focused on carrier infrastructure and datacenter security more than enterprise IT security so be well versed in security of core network routing...

Hot off the Twitter Press

It's amazing the news feed you can get from Twitter. Broadband Stimulus Plan: High-Speed Access coming to Rural America Ask our CIO about our UC implementation at Aspect on a Frost & Sullivan webinar tomorrow: Telefonica, Microsoft Offer Windows Live...
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