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Fill 'Er Up

Many business models are at odds with the customer wishes. Airlines want full planes. Customers don't want to be sardines and have bags checked for them.Consumers hope that not everyone is using the Internet at 8 PM. The ISPs need...

The Definition of Insanity

You might not want to hear about my airport observations but you get one more nonetheless.Why was there heightened security at Tampa Airport? There were K9 patrols and TSA swabbed my hands for analysis. Yet the TSA personnel again outnumbered...

It's The Customer Experience Stupid

I'm flying today on AA. They will charge your credit card for everything -- even the unfiltered, warm, smelly air if we could - airline. You can speak to a human at the airport gate who will tell you to...

Biz Travel Trends Are Annoying

USA Today has the latest business travel trends. While it looks like prices are dropping, in fact, it's only the base airfare ticket price that is dropping. With all ancillary fees airlines add, you are likely paying more for your...

$1000 Airfare

USA Today has an article about airfare for the holidays hitting $1000 for domestic coach (plus fees). As a frequent traveler, I can say that the airlines need to go under - no more bail out. We gave them billions...
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