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Parallels, Cisco, Google and Panda

If every day feels like you are on a hamster wheel, maybe you are examining the wrong metric. An interesting announcement today two weeks before thier customer summit, Cisco bought a stake in Parallels and gets a Board seat.Parallels is...

Chad Lives On

That annoying character, Chad, from the Alltel commercials lives on. (See his Facebook page here). This week Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATNI) completed its purchase of certain former Alltel wireless assets from VZW. The total purchase price was $223 million....

FCC Voted Today too

The FCC voted today too. They took the Inter-Carrier Compensation and USF off the agenda, much to Martin's dismay."Federal regulators have approved a plan to open up unused, unlicensed portions of the television airwaves known as "white spaces" to deliver...

Verizon Rumors

Rumors yesterday and today about Verizon wanting to buy Alltel. Supposedly, Verizon Wireless partner, Vodafone, is spreading these rumors. I don't see a merger of that size getting by anti-trust. But I have been wrong in the past. But these...
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