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Desktops Moving to the Cloud

Amazon is jumping in to the DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) and streaming services game. This managed desktop offering from Amazon will be called WorkSpaces, "not to be confused with Cloud Workspace from IndepedenceIT, which EarthLink white labels. I find it interesting...

Savvis and Verizon Go Head to Head

I read a headline today that Amazon took a CIA contract away from IBM. Hmmm. IBM, Amazon, Verizon, Savvis, AT&T and others are all fighting for the same contracts. Meanwhile Savvis is rolling out new integrated solutions to go...

Do They Even Know Their Business?

Rich Tehrani and I were having an online discussion about JCP shutting down free wi-fi in their stores to save $7M per year. Who says free wi-fi is free? I commented that maybe JCP customers don't use it. The...

Malls Are Dying

In a FastCompany article about Amazon, there is a tidbit about the fact that malls are dying in America. In Tampa, this article says that a dying mall is poised - but for what? Brick-and-mortar stores have the same...

4 New Items

Just back from ITEXPO in Vegas. Here are 4 news items worth noting. 1 Fast Company has an article about Amazon and its distribution system: "Those 10 million Prime members (up from 5 million two years ago, according to Morningstar)...
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