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Big Data Comes to Bosses with Prodoscore

On this podcast, I speak with Dave Gilbert, founder of Simple Signal, who has moved on to his next start-up, Prodoscore. His current project is like the Fitbit for business productivity. It measures user activity on apps like Google...

The Gist of ITEXPO

ITEXPO just ended in Fort Lauderdale, where it was for quite a few years. (The Miami Beach Convention Center is being renovated.) Here are a few things I saw at ITEXPO: SD-WAN is a better term than SDN (software...

Another iPad App

I get an email daily about how someone launched an iPad app. Wahoo. Apparently, launching an app is now a media event. People forget a couple of important details:The Cloud is all about High Availability of data. If you want...

The Latest in VoIP Updates

There is just so many press releases. I’d say news but much of it is not new (that is to say innovative) or really news worthy other than as tidbits of info to keep up on the sector.Metaswitch got into...
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