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Switchvox Team Leaves Digium

Word is that the founders of Switchvox, which Digium acquired in 2007, have moved on to other pastures. Tristan Barnum is going to a Hosted PBX provider in San Diego to be head of marketing. One is staying at Digium...

Day 1 at ITEXPO

I had a couple of good conversations today. One was with Greg Plum who has embarked on a new chapter in his career at Plum is exciting about building the channel for this start-up conferencing company for a number...

Debt and Finances

I'll readily admit that I am not a financial wizard. I am risk adverse and think that playing the stock market is like a casino (the deck is stacked against you). Then I read The Big Short by Michael Lewis...

Zayo Buys AFS

As Rob Powell predicted, the self-proclaimed Fiber Bigot, Dave Rusin, CEO of Rochester-based American Fiber Systems, sold the company to Zayo. Some reports were that the sale price was $185M, but Zayo is stating that number is ridiculous. The original...

7 Steps to Better SIP Security on Asterisk by JT

John Todd is an Asterisk evangelist and works for Digium. VoIP Users Conference reposted John's 7 steps to better SIP Security on Asterik (here). The reason for the 7 steps now? "In the last few months, a number of new...
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