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PwC's Growth Study

PriceWaterhouseCooper (PwC) released a study about the future of work/ Here are some excerpts. "The world craves growth. The developing world needs growth to pull people out of poverty. The developed world needs growth to tackle mounting unemployment and...

The Next Step in UCaaS

The numbers are in - Infonetics: PBX market down 6%, Unified Communications up 31% from year ago - Hosted PBX or UCaaS is growing. Well, sure, from zero to a couple of hundred million in ten years. Yet we...

The Whirl Factor

There was a good blog post on the TDCloud blog titled, "What's Your "Whirl Factor?" It was a good read. "If the industry as a whole knew how awesome your product was--if they really understood all the differentiating features...

Speculations in the Hallway

A bunch of speculations running rampant through the expo hallways. Will the FCC approve the Comcast-TWC merger? Two items. One, after Comcast forced Netflix to pay for transit, how does that affect how the FCC views Comcast and Net...

The Lottery Mentality

"Girls star and generational lighting rod Lena Dunham made her big debut in New York City politics yesterday," according to the MIami New Times. ""Recent college graduates, she said, are 'struggling to find jobs and pay the rent and if...
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