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L3 Sells Coal Mine

Not many people knew that Level3 owned a coal mining operation. It was sold off last week. I do not know if L3 still owns the software integration business. (I can't find any indications in the earnings reports.)According to the...

AT&T Sneaks One In

AT&T sneaks in a note that says they set aside $4B for a break-up fee during the Thanksgiving break. AT&T withdrew its petition from the FCC as they wait to see what happens with the DOJ and the lawsuit. UPDATE:...

E-Solutions for Sale?

Someone asked me this morning if I knew who bought E-Solutions in Tampa. Oops! I didn’t know they were for sale. E-Solutions operates Tier 3 data centers in the beer can building, better known as the location in The Punisher...

EarthLink Buys Some Synergy

EarthLink is buying two divisions from Synergy Global Solutions: its IT Solution Center, a 24-7 help desk and network operations center, and its cloud-hosted application business, according to Buffalo News.EarthLink gets relationships with about 120 VAR’s that laready sell the...
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