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Banking Today (facts)

"There are just 6,891 commercial banks and savings institutions insured by FDIC today, down 48% from the 13,220 total of 20 years ago. The largest 10% of US banks (i.e., those with assets of at least $1 billion) hold...

A Laborious Weekend for Bankers

A weekend of labor by bankers and telecom execs resulted in two purchases. Verizon finally was able to rest full control of VZW out of Vodafone. However, it cost VZ $130 Billion to do that. Vodafone's 45% ownership of...

Three Quick Thoughts on the Economy

Fiscal Cliff (or whatever dreaded scenario that Congress is creating to profit from personally) is just one more emergency to keep the American public in check panic mode. Meanwhile, Congress got a raise. This brings me to point 2: the...

Why We Don't Have Customer Service

Bank analyst Dick Bove adds, "What my Wells Fargo experience suggests is that a successful bank is one that keeps seeking new customers and selling them more products and not getting bogged down by offering service. Second, it may be...

What a Crazy Wall St. Monday

As we start Monday, we learn that Lehman Bros. filed for BK, AIG needs to re-structure (and needs another $40B! after raising $20B) and Merrill Lynch gets bought by BoA for $50B. This follows on the heels of last week's...
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