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If Only the Presenters Improved

I organize a few events. I present at a few conferences. And I attend about 15 each year. I rarely sit through a whole presentation. Why? I'm bored. The presenter is bored. I'm not kidding. (In Phoenix one presenter...

The Era of Freelancers

Locally, I help organize BarCamp Tampa Bay, the UN-Conference for creatives, geeks, and techies. We gather for 2 days to share, engage, learn and network. We have had over 60 sessions both years. There will be more this year.This year...

BarCamp Tampa Bay

BarCamp Tampa Bay was held this weekend at USF College of Business. Over 350 people pre-registered for this Un-conference. (Don't know what a BarCamp is? See was just one of 4 worldwide this weekend - South Africa, Houston, Little...
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