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About Product, Startups and Other Things (by Fred Wilson)

In this interview of Fred Wilson by Jason Calacanis, they chat about VCs, investing, startups, Apple, Kickstarter, blogging, Net Neutrality and more. On blogging, Wilson remarks that it helps him articulate what he is thinking (at 48 min). He...

Top 3 Ways Not To Interact with a Blogger

I get email from public relations firms all the time. Every time I think I’m off a list, I get added to a new one. I already get a steady stream of email from clients, vendors, peers and friends in...

Should You Blog?

A colleague asked me this morning about blogging. Here is some basic info.How does this tie to my website? Is it a separate domain or just a page on my site? You can add blogging software like Wordpress to your website...

FTC Blogger Guidelines

Recently the FTC decided that there should be more transparency in blogging (and other new media platforms). So as a blogger I have to spell out my relationship with anyone I write about. I started as a BellSouth agent in 1999....

Social Media for Branding

Last night was the AMA Tampa Bay Presents: Interactive Media Special Interest Group. It was the third meeting about Interactive Media. Blogging, Twitter, Social Networks, Podcasting and Video as a means to get your message or branding accomplished. SEOIn response...
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