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Senate Working on New Shield Law

Since journalism, newspapers and media companies have morphed in the last 5 years, it might be time to write another shield law. I mean, it isn't like that First Amendment to the US Constitution would cover that. (If we...

Should You Blog?

A colleague asked me this morning about blogging. Here is some basic info.How does this tie to my website? Is it a separate domain or just a page on my site? You can add blogging software like Wordpress to your website...

Deep Dive on Blogging

On Wed. night, I am moderating a discussion at the American Marketing Association - Tampa Bay Chapter (New Media SIG) on the Deep Dive into Blogging.  In a Biz Journal article, the author notes, "It is a new world for...

Interesting blogs

apparently, Carl Icahn has a well-read blog. Probably due to his abuse of companies and people wondering where the next train wreck will be (like MOTO and Yahoo). In his latest post, Carl promises not to show up at the...
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