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Backup Consolidation Happening

Merger news CenturyLink grabbed Cognilytics...

One Year After Super Storm Sandy: Any Change?

As the one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy that rocked the Greater NY/NJ area last year passes, many articles have been written, but not much has changed. 83% of Organizations Lack a Business Continuity Plan 1 Year After...

Telecom Tidbits on Presidents Day

On a LinkedIn group we are discussing SLA (service level agreements) and how they do not represent uptime. If you need uptime, you need redundancy. You need to build a resilient network. Netwolves has a solution called Bonded Broadband. "NetWolves...

Tele-Pacific Looking Wireless

TelePacific Communications, the largest California-based CLEC providing integrated voice and data telecommunications services to the small and medium-sized business (“SMB”) customer segment in California and Nevada, and MegaPath Inc., the leading provider of managed IP data, voice, and security services...

Paetec Owns Some Wireless

Telecom Ramblings pointed out that Paetec owns a fixed wireless operations. According to the Paetec 2Q08 earnings transcript: "we acquired MPX Wireless towards the end of 2007. They were a Rochester based company that we had done several private projects...
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