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What's Happening?

Broadview Networks filed bankruptcy, albeit a pre-packaged debt reduction plan.CenturyLink and Mediacom join the broadband cap club. Mediacom has a low end cap of 150 GB. Ouch! For cable companies, metering and caps are about preserving the TV money, but...

Data Tsunami

Cisco's blog writes that we are in a data tsunami due to broadband Internet demand from consumers and their devices. Holy Hype, Batman! This is the same hype that Cisco's Global Consumer Internet Traffic Forecast started in 2009 with the...

Bandwidth Caps

Bandwidth caps have more to do with preserving TV revenues than network management business. Yes, there are issues of last mile and node congestion for both telco and cableco networks. It is also a function of the band-aid approach that...

Frontier Adds a Cap

Frontier Communications has added a download cap to its Internet service. It will charge folks for heavy usage. The company caused confusion and some dismay among customers earlier this year, when it said it would charge for Internet use above...
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