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Big Agent Win or Scam?

A couple of small ISP/CLEC companies received letters from Verizon Wholesale stating that VZ Wholesale is outsourcing their puny accounts to an agency, Alliance Wholesale Agents, LLC.This would be huge win for any agency, since VZ waffles over the channel...

More Agents Getting Certified

The Technology Channel Association has announced hitting two milestones: over 500 members and 200 members registered for the Certified Telecom Professional certification program. Those that have passed are listed on a special page. Why? Pride in being an Agent who...

Educating the Channel with Certifications

One of the panels last week at ITEXPO was titled Educating the Channel with Certifications. When you consider that as a founding board member and current VP of the Technology Channel Association, education is a primary objective, this topic was...

What to Do With a Certified Agent?

On the Board call for the TCA (Technology Channel Association) discussing the the next step in the evolution of the Certified Telecom Professional (CTP). The exam (and certification) is just $199 for member agents (and member VAR's) of TCA. Employees...

Why You Should Get Certified

The TCA's Certified Telecom Professional Program has officially launched. (See here). It costs $199 to take the exam. Why should you?One reason: Differentiation.Why do people take any certification? Mainly to differentiate their knowledge from the hundreds of others running around in...
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