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Telecom Disruption

You read about disruption in other industries with household names like Dropbox, Uber, AirBnb and Netflix. Telecom is being picked apart the same way Craigslist started the revenue decline for newspapers. No one makes voice calls any more. It...

Yet Another Video Conf Start-up

Garrett Smith from VoIP Supply wrote, "This service isn't all that new or different from the half dozen or so that already exists. There's either going to be a lot of M&A in video communications OR a lot of companies...

Cisco is Jabbering

In 2007, Cisco integrated Jabber components into its conferencing platform. Today, Cisco buys Jabber, "an open-source IM and presence protocol used by Google Talk and Gizmo, for an undisclosed sum".  On our panel at IT Expo, The Role of Apps...

More Communications Apps

BlitzTime takes social networks one step further. One of the downsides to connecting with people on LinkedIn is that you can't easily communicate with them. With BlitzTime you set up a profile, including education, interests, etc., then log in, join...
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