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How ShoreTel Broke M5

In February of 2012, PBX maker ShoreTel bought hosted PBX provider, M5 Networks. At the time, M5 had 2000 customers - just two thousand - with an ARPU of $2000. (That's $4 million per month in revenue, $48 mill...

Elements of a Kick @ss Team

Tommy Norman is a scrum master, who leads the Agile User group in Nashville when he isn't doing dev work for Holland Square Group. His keynote at FISPA Live in Nashvile was about Building Kick Ass Teams. Here are...

6 Actions for Your Business in 2014

Borrowed from this article. Six actions to take in January to improve your business in 2014. I have mentioned these many times before in talks and blog posts here and in my other blog. Better define your role in...

Info You Need That I Didn't Blog About

The Affordable Care Act has some big deadlines including Oct. 1, 2013. See more here. Google tells the court, ""a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties.". And that sound...

Finding Fault is Not a Job

Every send an email out and the only replies are typos and grammar corrections? Every go to a meeting to have other departments complain loudly about your department's performance? Finding fault is not a job. It creates a toxic environment....
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