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2 Ways to Maximize Your Vendor Relationship

As channel partners, we get hammered all the time to sell vendor's stuff - even if it is unreasonable or doesn't fit our customer base. We all have primary vendors, vendors that are significant lines of revenue. We also...

Big Moves

You probably heard that Dell went private via Microsoft, Silver Lake and Michael Dell [Dell and Channelnomics]. Why go private? Because Dell's main business is tanking and being public is too transparent for a company in transition as Dell is....

Everything is Changing, No One is Happy

Belkin is buying Linksys from Cisco, who is exiting the consumer business. What are they doing with the Scientific Atlantic set-top boxes?Logitech is dumping some of its product lines as it re-vamps. Andy says that Yahoo Voice is shutting down....

The Telecom Ecosystem is Shifting Rapidly

The telecom ecosystem consists of a number of pieces: RBOC, ILEC, RLEC, CLEC, ISP, MSO, IXC, ITSP, MSP, data centers, Master Agents, Agents, VAR's. It is shifting.As carriers migrate from a commodity access business, so too must the master agents,...

Dell Gets WYSE

Dell announced that it is acquiring WYSE today. WYSE is known for its dummy terminals, particularly for POS (point-of-sale). WYSE also has gotten into desktop virtualization - not that strong a leap. Wyse has shipped more than 20 million units...
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