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There's No Such Thing as Free

There are costs to delivering service. There really isn't a free. I get asked a lot about WebRTC. It's a free client for video conferencing. In a way, yes it is. As long as the media server can recognize...

SIP Trunking Deployment Lessons by XO

XO has hired Ronan Keenan to handle their corporate social media, like the @XOComm twitter account. They put together quite the resource for SIP Trunking Deployment at Storify: SIP trunking implementation resources including videos, presentations and documents by Steve Carter,...

Thoughts on Deploying Cloud

In this 13 minute interview with Dale Frohman of The Frohman Group , we discuss Cloud Deployment in the business.Deployment of Cloud services is much easier in the small business space (under 100 employees), because typically this is not a...
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