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AOL Gets a Surprise from Verizon

Did you know that 2.1 million people still use AOL dial-up - and pay about $20 per month for it? And Verizon just put in a bid to buy AOL for about $4.4B in cash. (No idea where that...

Will the Dial-Up Trend Affect VoIP?

Ars technica doesn't believe the articles in CNET and AOL-Tech about people switching back to dial-up. Well, info from dial-up aggregators indicate that dial-up is on the uptick. As some angry comments mention not everyone needs broadband. Last year we...

Hot off the Twitter Press

It's amazing the news feed you can get from Twitter. Broadband Stimulus Plan: High-Speed Access coming to Rural America Ask our CIO about our UC implementation at Aspect on a Frost & Sullivan webinar tomorrow: Telefonica, Microsoft Offer Windows Live...

What's Next for AOL?

It seems that TimeWarner is ready to eject AOL. One part will be the remnants of the ISP business, which I think EarthLink will grab, but Tara Seals at Xchange mag thinks that United Online (NetZero folks) or MSn would...
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