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A Moment About Phones

Tom Keating wrote a review of Panasonic's Android IP phone, model KX-UT670. It has HD Voice, speaker phone and integration with IP cameras. Tom reminds me that it's the "major IP phone vendors like Aastra, Cisco, Polycom, ShoreTel, snom, and...

The Incumbent Mindset

I'm heading to NYC next week to attend Seth Godin's seminar. It is always worth the trip to me. From his Domino Project newsletter today, a little insight:"It happens to just about every industry, from hard drives to furniture--the insurgents,...

Differentiation Part II

When I say that word - Differentiation - in a space like VoIP with 1100 providers, what does it mean?Marketing is about stories. Not stories about your boring tech, but stories about what the consumer can do with your tech....
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