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Telecom Tidbits (Part 2433)

You work in Tech. Everyday is a front row seat to amazing. Right? A pretty good primer on SDN from BI in 2012! Charter Bid Approved! Only condition, NewCharterCo can't have data caps for 7 years. Big deal. In...

Do Network Upgrades Matter

AT&T is upgrading some U-Verse areas to 75 Mbps. Is this in response to the new FCC definition of broadband? Indiana Fiber Network is upgrading to 100G. IFN is owned by 20 LECs in the state that put 3500...

Unemployment and the Digital Divide

In this article in TechCrunch, you will read an interesting look at how Silicon Valley and the march of technology are causing a Digital Divide.Every online sale takes away from brick-and-mortar business just as Wal-mart has run over mom-and-pop stores,...

Internet Access Stimulus

According to the WSJ, " The federal government's economic stimulus package will include investment in broadband Internet infrastructure and funds to upgrade and repair the national power grid alongside more traditional funding for road and bridge repair, a senior aide...

It's Going to be Limiting

AT&T is testing broadband caps in Nevada. First, cable now Ma Bell. In both cases, the reason may have to do preserving TV revenue than anything. There is concern. It even popped up as a LinkedIn question. DSL Prime is...
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