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Starview Talks Prism

Starview CEO David Walsh talks to me about PRISM, the SAAS OSS that Starview is offering to VoIP Providers covering toll-free numbers, DID’s, origination, LNP, CNAM, E-911 and even SMS. Starview also offers a white-label Hosted VoIP solution also activated through...

Dash CS to

Image via Wikipedia DASH Carrier Services, a provider of E-911 and other services to the ITSP sector, was acquired by Interestingly, used to be the provider of VoIP origination and termination services for many VoIP providers, but...

USF and Rural Reform

In a recent conversation with a buddy of mine at a state PUC, we were discussing small rural ILEC's. Many are cash strapped which makes providing advanced services difficult - no cash to buy a head-end (half a million or...

NENA 911 for Multi-Line Systems

In a follow-up to this article, National Emergency Number Association (NENA) announces model legislation for Multi-Line Telephone Systems  (in MTUs, like hotels, offices, etc., where the internal PBX has to add 911 info to the call about what room or...

FCC Demands VoIP E911

The Federal Communications Commission issued regulations this week for voice-over-IP service providers to offer Enhanced 911 emergency call services to all customers. The rules were required under the New and Emerging Technologies 911 Improvement Act of 2008, which was signed...
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