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Mergers Only Mask the Truth

I have a firm belief that most mergers are just ways to make the books look better by clouding the numbers. Take this headline from the Morning Journal, "CenturyLink has profitable second quarter, primarily due to acquisition". I agree with...

Can Copper Turn to Gold?

People ask me about the CenturyLink-Qwest merger. I'm still trying to get over the CTEL-Embarq merger. And wrapping my head around bigger is better when that has been proven to be a hoax recently (Too Big to Fail?) is causing...

Qwest Merging with CenturyLink

News reports this morning from NYTimes, BusinesWeek and MarketWatch have CenturyLink merging with Qwest in an all stock deal. Huh?!"The firms say the deal values Qwest at $22.4 billion, including $11.8 billion of assumed debt." [MW]"The combination creates a national, 173,000-mile...

Are You Still an ILEC Agent?

This from Telephony online and the Convergence Consulting Group: The latest in an annual study of the bundled services market shows US telecom service providers are losing wireline voice customers at a faster pace and being transformed in the process...

Embarq Changes Recurring Conditions

Starting in April, any accounts that fall out of contract will no longer receive a commission from Embarq. So you will need to stay on top of your contract re-casting. It's a PITA because not every carrier pays for...
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